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nurturing the planet &

the next generation


$17,750+ donated to support childhood literacy

how we nurture the next generation.

There are children all across the country who cannot read the words on this very page. Education is at the foundation of everything we do and that is why with each littlebag purchased, new, quality books are placed in the hands of a child who otherwise would not have access to literacy tools. 15% of the proceeds of each littlebag nurtures the minds (and now bodies) of children in need.

the traveling tree house bookmobile.

Littlebags by Anna is proud to announce their donation of $5,000 to fully stock the "Traveling Tree House" with new books. This traveling library will impact thousands of little lives by providing greater access to books that reflect the diversity of all children. 

quick facts.

  • In Philadelphia, and many other urban and rural communities, there is just one age-appropriate book in every 300 homes. 

  • 67% of the children currently entering third grade are not reading on grade-level, making them 87% more likely to drop out of high school.

expanding our social mission due to COVID-19. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Littlebags by Anna has expanded its mission to not only nurture the minds, but nurture the bodies of children who rely on school for meals. With your support, we have impacted the lives of 1000+ children by donating $1000 to provide nourishing meals while schools were closed.


3600+ lbs of fabric rescued.

how we nurture the planet.
Our journey towards zero waste starts with a piece of reclaimed fabric and turning it into something beautiful and functional.


quick facts.

  • Over 15 million tons of textiles are thrown into a landfill each year in the USA. This number keeps increasing.

  • In 2014, 16 million+ tons of textiles were wasted with 10.4 tons ending up in a landfill. 

together we can decrease this number.

Interior designer remnants, discontinued prints, and ends of bolts are all major disruptors on our planet when thrown away.

When you purchase a littlebag, you are saving fabric from entering a landfill. 

together—we are changemakers.

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