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authors around the world.

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33 authors. 15 states. 3 countries. $3354 in book donations.

for the love of books.

In May 2021, wildlife and dog photographer Dennis Glennon and I met at an artisan event in New York's Hudson Valley. A two-time Benjamin Franklin Award Winning children's book author of Buddy's Magic Window, Dennis and I talked about our love for children's books and the importance of literacy for the next generation.

I shared with Dennis how 15% of the proceeds of each littlebag is used to buy new books for underserved children through my partnership with Tree House Books in Philadelphia. I also discussed my latest initiative of donating $5000 to fully stock the "Traveling Tree House" with new books. This traveling library has already impacted 7500+ little lives by providing greater access to books that reflect the diversity of all children. 


the power of community and connections.

We brainstormed how we can do good together. I asked Dennis if he knew of other authors who would be interested in donating books to the Traveling Tree House. He graciously reached out to his independent author friends—sharing my story and mission to nurture the next generation.


fueling the Traveling Tree House.

Wow. The response was overwhelming. Below is a list of every independent author and organization that has generously donated books. My heart is full. Each and every story is incredible. Know that your books and tales are going to help inspire the next generation of readers, writers, and thinkers.


Let's keep this mobile library on the road! Dennis and I would love for you to be part of this ever-growing list. You can mail your book to:

Littlebags by Anna, PO Box 216, Gladwyne, PA. 19035. I will personally hand-deliver all contributions to the Traveling Tree House.

With heartfelt thanks for your generosity,


when authors come together…amazing things happen.

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Barbara Renner | Summer! Time to Search for Food



Michael Wong | I Wish You Happiness


Kat & Scott Arbuckle | My Pal Stroganoff: A Doxie's Tail


Annette Blake | Sometimes It Happens You Get Angry


Argyro Graphy | ABC Empower Me!; The Adventures of Bentley Hippo


Mike Crowder | Happy Hammerhead’s (almost) Big Adventure; Wild about the Alphabet (and Other Tales)

Jillian Rodriguez | I’ll Meet You Where the Moon Touches the Water


Sarah Kathryn Frey | Alice Eloise's Silver Linings: The Story of a Silly Service Dog

Echo Morgan (Red Fin Books) | Scuba Matt’s Underwater Adventure


Julia Zheng | The Magic Island


Ann-Margaret Manley | Jeni’s Bubble: A Sticky Tale About Not Giving Up

Gina Stevens | A Tree Could Be


Mary Barry (Malba Books) | What’s an Og?

new hampshire

Lois Azmy | 3 Word ABC’s Amusing Animal Antics


new jersey

Dennis Glennon | Buddy’s Magic Window

new york

Tara Drouin | One Heart


C.J. Gillett | Cicada Bibada and the Healing Springs

Hindi’s Libraries

north carolina

Melissa Toyo | Brown is a Beautiful Color

Joy Resor | Designed to Shine! Read Aloud Rhymes for Any Size Heart


Whitney Beatty | Larry Skadarry; Ham Hands


Samantha Callen | Emily’s Great Adventure

Jen Randazzo | Grandpa & Lewy

Kelly Louise | Oliver West!; Color + Activity Book

Lauren Mosback | My Sister's Super Skills


Neema K. Jn Baptiste-Fontenelle | What If?

Sheri Wall | Our Pledge Our Promise; The Pledge of Allegiance Explained

united kingdom

Jerzy Jones | The Freezing Cold Snowman


Karen Correll | Niko Discovers the 5 Senses Game

Nikki Samuels | Nature Parade

Misty Black | Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry; You Taught Me Love


Lindsey Rowe Parker | Wiggles Stomps and Squeezes Calm my Jitters Down

Ballerina Konora | Dancing Shapes; Belluna’s Big Adventure in the Sky

together—we are changemakers.

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