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What's in My Bag: June Edition

June is the start of summer and we could not be more excited. Our ideal summer tote is the birch bag, for many reasons. We fill it up to the brim for the beach, carry essentials for a dinner date, and throw it in a bike basket for a picnic. For this month, we are going to take a peek in the founder's tote and see what Anna Welsh carries with her this season! #whatsinmybag #founder



  1. My tote ALWAYS has lip products - chapstick, vaseline, gloss, lipstick. My favorite product this season is the Fenty Beauty Lip Luminizer because it gives just the right amount of shine n' gloss for a summer day. [body]

  2. Having very dry hands, I have to constantly carry around a hand lotion. You will catch me grabbing my favorite hand cream 10x a day. For the summer, the Intense Lano Rose Hand Cream is my absolute go-to. [body]

  3. When heading to the beach or another vacation spot, I always travel with a journal and some colorful pens. Journaling, I have found, is one of the best ways to calm my mind and help document my travel journey. My favorite journaling pens are the Faber-Castell Brush Pens because they do not bleed through the pages and they are great for practicing hand lettering! [mind]

  4. To get in touch with my spiritual side, I carry around a deck of tarot cards. Whether a fun activity with friends or a calming afternoon alone, I enjoy learning more about the history of astrology and how it has a role in our daily lives. I found a gorgeous deck from Anthropologie with gold accents and detailed pictures (plus- it includes a guide, perfect for beginners!). [spirit]


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