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the fabric behind littlebags

Behind every bag is a story. Littlebags are handmade bags, made in the USA, using sustainable materials. Before I started littlebags, I was completely unaware of how much the fabric industry was contributing to the waste in landfills. Each year, over 15 million tons of textiles are thrown into a landfill, and this number is not decreasing. I committed to a sustainable business model, sourcing materials locally and saving even the tiniest of scraps from entering a landfill. To make littlebags, we have 3 main sources for fabric.

1. Interior designer remnants & samples

After visiting a local, second-hand artisan supply store and rummaging through their endless fabric scraps, I began to notice a pattern. On each piece, there was a stapled tag with the name of a designer. These pieces were all designer samples that had once sat in a showroom or in an interior design store, but now sat in my hands. After that day, my view changed. I felt inspired to learn more about how littlebags could incorporate these designer samples and give customers a little piece of luxury, using fabrics that would cost a small fortune (ie. $400+ per yard). I started reaching out to local designers and the response was overwhelming! The store owners were eager to pass on their discontinued samples and remnants for good use. Now, littlebags has partnered with 30+ designers.

2. Fabric warehouses

3. Window - treatment companies


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