welcome to the collaboration market.

bringing talented female artists to the forefront.

our partnerships

Through our partnerships, we bring together artisans from Hawaii, New York and Florida who share similar sustainable practices.


Our special collections combine littlebags with genuine leather tassels

made from upcycled airline seat covers, handwoven cotton wristlets and 

eco-friendly fiber tassels.


supporting women through business

Our collaboration marketplace broadens your impact by supporting
women-owned small businesses across the USA.

our collaboration collections.

littlebags x astoria knots


restocking littlebags with
eco-fiber tassels


littlebags x over & under

restocking littlebag wristlets

littlebags x rethreaded

restocking littlebags with

leather tassels

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“when women come together, amazing things happen.”


- Anna Welsh

founder & CEO of littlebags by anna